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Introducing Ensign InfoSecurity, Southeast Asia’s largest cybersecurity provider.

Complementary strengths, shared long-term visions, consistent business principles and an equal commitment to develop the cybersecurity ecosystem are the keys to a successful cybersecurity Joint Venture company.

Ensign InfoSecurity is the new JVco formed by the merger of StarHub’s Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (COE) and its subsidiary, Accel Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Accel), along with Certis’ Cyber Security arm, Quann. Together, the three trusted names bring into play a larger product line-up designed to benefit our combined customer base and create new market opportunities.

Ensign InfoSecurity is Southeast Asia’s largest pure-play cybersecurity firm. Powered by about 500 dedicated, highly trained and qualified cybersecurity professionals, Ensign delivers high expertise in providing Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services that are recognised across ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications, just to name a few. Our offices are located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia with 24×7×365 Security Operations Centres and R&D laboratories, complemented by strategic partners around the globe.

Our customers include world-renowned enterprises and government agencies with countless success stories. Ensign provides organisations with proprietary technologies and specialised services to defend against advanced threats—while managing risk and ensuring compliance through innovative solutions.

Our people make the difference. They are the ones who will stop at nothing to protect your business. They matter the most. They are what we are all about.


Advisory Services

Test your mettle against cyber attacks.

Today’s cyber attackers are formidable adversaries, rapidly changing their Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) to avoid detection and wreak havoc. Turn the odds in your favour by finding out what you are up against. Test your mettle against a simulated real-world attack.

Our adversary simulation exercises can prepare you for any advanced attack. They include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and red team operations, as well as advanced TTP methodologies that can efficiently identify and help you close the security gaps in your systems.

How can Ensign InfoSecurity help?

Ensign InfoSecurity is a pure-play cybersecurity services company. We can help customers identify and manage risks in their networks through our stringent IT Security Audit Methodology that follows internationally accepted standards. We have worked with various industry and government entities, providing them with customised technical solutions, vulnerability assessments, device configuration reviews, host implementation analysis, as well as constructive and pragmatic remediation advice.

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