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A new Mirai botnet variant has emerged since January 2019 with 27 built-in exploits to enslave vulnerable IOT devices such as routers, modems, security cameras, DVRs, smart signage TVs and wireless presentation systems. The new botnet scans the internet for devices with exposed Telnet ports (Port 23 and 2323) and uses a list of default credentials to brute force devices using default passwords. The compromised devices are used to scan for more vulnerable machines on the internet, thereby building up the botnet over time, which can then be deployed to launch massive distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Of the 27 built-in exploits, 11 are new, including exploits for LG Supersign signage TVs and WePresent WiPG-1000 wireless presentation systems. Both devices are intended for use in enterprise environment. Organisations should pay attention to the security of IOT devices deployed in their environment by ensuring that vulnerable devices are duly patched when new firmware are available and changing the default passwords "securing" these devices.

[1] New Mirai Variant Targets Enterprise Wireless Presentation & Display Systems

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