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Three Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hacked within Seven Days

Three cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked within a seven-day period, resulting in a total estimated loss of US$65 million. Hackers stole some US$19 million from South Korean Bithumb exchange after accessing its trading account wallet using a valid private key. The company believed the heist involved an insider who knew the private key. Meanwhile, DragonEx platform discovered multiple suspicious transactions worth over US$1 million and subsequently took its platform offline to prevent further losses. Another exchange, CoinBene, also suspended its platform when some US$45 million worth of questionable transactions were detected. All three exchanges are seeking to recover their losses by identifying accounts holding the stolen funds and reversing the transactions. Despite the fall in cryptocurrencies values, exchanges remain an attractive target for many threat groups including North Korean hacking group, Lazarus. Recent research reveals that Lazarus continues to target Asia-based cryptocurrency exchanges with phishing emails containing malicious documents that will install malware to facilitate theft.

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[2] Cryptocurrency Platforms DragonEx and CoinBene Disclose Hacks
[3] Cryptocurrency Businesses Still Being Targeted by Lazarus

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