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Ransomware Knocks Beverage Company Offline

One of the largest beverage suppliers in the US, Arizona Beverages, suffered a ransomware attack that shut down its sales operations when more than 200 servers and computers were affected. The infection started with a phishing email containing a malicious attachment that delivered the Dridex trojan. The malware allowed the attackers to move laterally within the network, steal credentials from compromised systems and download additional payloads such as ransomware. It is believed that Arizona Beverages was taken down by the iEncrypt ransomware, and the company was not able to immediately restore affected systems as the back-end servers were running outdated Windows operating systems. Arizona Beverages is still recovering from the ransomware attack and has restored about 60% of affected systems.

[1] Arizona Beverages Knocked Offline by Ransomware Attack

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