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Privacy4Cars Discloses Vehicle Hack Dubbed CarsBlues

Privacy4Cars, the first mobile application designed to eliminate personally identifiable information from modern vehicle infotainment systems, has publicly disclosed a vehicle hack dubbed CarsBlues. CarsBlues allows attackers to exploit infotainment systems via the Bluetooth protocol and access stored information like contacts, call logs, and text logs. The CarsBlues attack can be performed in a few minutes with the help of inexpensive and readily available hardware and software and does not require substantial technical knowledge. It is believed that users who have synced their phones to modern vehicles may have had jeopardised their privacy. At least two manufacturers have made systematic updates to their 2019 models, protecting them from CarsBlues.

[1] CarsBlues Vehicle Hack Exploits Vehicle Infotainment Systems Allowing Access to Call Logs, Text Messages and More

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