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Magecart Still Active, Compromises NBA Atlanta Hawk’s Online Store

The online store of Atlanta Hawks, a popular basketball team in the US National Basketball Association (NBA) league, has been hosting a JavaScript skimmer that collects and sends customers' payment card details to Magecart attackers. The online store, which is hosted on the Magento platform, is compromised through third party components embedded on the store checkout page. Customers who have made purchases at the online store on or after 20 Apr are affected. Magecart, which comprises various groups, has been evolving hacking techniques targeting the Magento platform. Recently, the group attempts to mask its malicious traffic by hosting the skimmer at legitimate services like GitHub.

[1] Atlanta Hawks Sniped by Magecart
[2] GitHub Hosted Magecart Skimmer Used Against hundreds of E-commerce sites

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