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Hacktivists Cause Mass Web Defacements

Hackers from the Anonymous group defaced multiple Israeli websites, including the webpages of Israeli cities and major news agencies, to post a political message supporting Palestine. The mass defacements took place after hackers modified the Domain Name System (DNS) records for a popular web accessibility plugin developed by an Israeli company called Nagich. Users who visited websites with the vulnerable plugin were redirected to a webpage distributing the JCry ransomware. Fortunately, a coding error prevented the ransomware from executing and affected websites were swiftly taken offline for remediation. The attack could have caused major disruptions to Israel as the Nagich plugin is used in nearly one million Hebrew websites, including popular brands like MacDonald’s, Coca Cola and Toys‘R’Us.

[1] Hackers Scrawl ‘Jerusalem is Capital of Palestine’ Across Many Israeli Web Pages
[2] #OpJerusalem Targeted Israeli Windows Users with JCry Ransomware

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