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More Than 70 South Korean Reporters Receive Suspicious Emails

Daniel Kaye, the British hacker who knocked the whole of Liberia offline by carrying out a powerful cyberattack on Liberia’s leading internet company Lonestar in 2016, has been jailed. Kaye had been hired by an employee working for Cellcom, a competitor of Lonestar, to attack Lonestar in 2015. Kaye built a botnet designed to perform Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Lonestar and disrupt its business. In November 2016, Kaye operated out of Cyprus and controlled the botnet using his mobile phone and ordered it to overwhelm Lonestar’s systems. The botnet dubbed ‘Mirai #14’ hijacked close to one million devices worldwide at the peak of the DDoS attack.

[1] Briton who knocked Liberia offline with cyber attack jailed

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